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Ontario Budget 2007:

Utterly laughable… Classic Liberal deception and obfuscation.
“Balanced”??? While I understand McGuilty’s desire to mollify the rash on the right side of his caucus, it’s a travesty to name this a balanced budget. It’s amazing how you can “balance” a budget when you persistently deny the one thing which municipalities, especially the GTA, continually ask of you: “UPLOAD THE DOWNLOAD”. How can the Liberals have no compunction of asking this of the federal Conservatives when refusing to do it themselves?
As for McGuilty’s desire to placate the rash on the left side of his caucus- it’s simply appalling. Libranos with a poverty agenda is a preposterous oxymoron. Classic Liberal DNA is toward sink or swim free market economics and placating big business. The crumbs they deign to throw at poverty stem either from vote buying, deception, or guilt. Their spin on minimum wage increase is shocking. They fail to see that the current campaign is to have the minimum wage “catch up” to where it ought to be- not to have it “raised”. It should have been immediately increased to $10.25. Their record on affordable housing is similarly abysmal. The promised nearly four years ago to build 20 000 units of affordable housing. To date they’ve built 285 units (between $300-500/month). Don’t even get me started on their record on the environment. Suffice to say that air quality in Ontario would be better had the Eves/Harris governments stayed in power owing to what each respective government planned to do with Nanticoke.
Anyway, it was simply disgusting to watch these Liberal thugs laughing it up in the Legislature punctuated by the Liberal moron who kept yelling into his mic “very good”, “great idea”, “creative”. A total circus!