Cherniak spewing contradictions again…

Previously, the Dion-May agreement was “about the Liberal Party doing what is right for a truly progressive Canada.” Now it’s “the new Liberal-Green squeeze play”. Previously it was principled, now it’s political contrivance to attack the only “progressive” political party in Canada. A Liberal who speaks out both sides of his mouth. What a surprise.

But as is often the case, when Cherniak is right, it’s for reasons to which he is completely oblivious. The Dion-May pact will be about doing right by progressive Canada, but only because the Liberals will disintegrate and be revealed as the unprincipled opportunists they truly are (Liberal/Tory same old story and sadly we’re in for a Harper majority). As for the Greens, the public will finally have to look at the ideological core of this party. These are not the social democrat, anti-globalization Greens of progressive countries like Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. North American Greens are right wing libertarians with a green agenda. They are socially regressive (which is why many make good Conservatives) and fiscally they are anti-government pro-capitlaism (which makes them appealing to Liberals). Thus leaving progressive and leftist Canada only with the NDP for whom to vote.


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  1. janfromthebruce

    I am glad you are here now. I loved your posts when Cherniak was turning himself into a slimy pretzel over the sleazy smear job of Cheri DeNova.
    So when I saw you pop over at Ted’s site, I looked you up again and found you have created a blog. I look forward to seeing your posts around the blogasphere.

  2. Thanks, Jan.
    I live in Parkdale High Park and that was that was by far the sleaziest and most scurrilous attack I’ve seen on a politican around here. Anyway, MPP Cheri DiNovo seems to be doing just fine. For an NDP backbencher she certainly has been able to do alot. She and the NDP, as well as numerous activist and labour organizations have put poverty back on the agenda, especially since the Liberals now know that ignoring poor people and the working poor will cost them seats (i.e. York South Weston). As much as I cringe when I hear a Liberal stand up for poverty (because it’s totally self-serving and disingenuous) it’s still worse than not hearing anything at all. Still, let’s not forget Sorbara’s poverty budget (Fudgit 2007) was all smoke and mirrors. It’s classic run from the left govern from the right Liberal politics.

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