"Vote for us just because we’re Liberals" or "Delusions of Hegemony"

About the only time the Ontario Liberals are transparent is when they are desperately trying to secure votes through their usual hollow promises.  If it weren’t obvious enough that the Liberal funding boost for education is just a pre-election buy-off, even Kathleen Wynne points us in that direction when she says, “The details of what that [a full review in 2010 of the school funding formula] will look like, you’ll have to re-elect us to get the answer.” This announcement has little to do with education and everything to do with a foundering party desperately seeking re-election.

Kathleen Wynne has travelled a long way to become this accomplished a Liberal.  Need we be reminded that in 2003 the Liberals ran on fixing the flawed funding formula? What audacity. What lack of urgency. This is straight from the Smitherman school of just trust us nice Liberal politicians, we’ll eventually get to it. After all “it takes longer to make a doctor than a pizza.” 
Now we’re supposed to re-elect these clowns in order to find out what the details of their platform will be? I guess this is one way of cutting down on broken promises.  Don’t make any, just ask voters for their vote because, well, you’re Liberals. 
It’s not only a misrepresentation to suggest teachers are voting Liberal in the coming election (many ridings are recommending and endorsing candidates other than the Liberal one), but also it does not seem in the best interest of students, parents, teachers, and staff to re-elect this government. All the Liberals can say is that they’ll review the funding formula a full seven years after they originally promised to do so. Sounds like a Nanticoke promise to me…


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