NDP ad questions McGuinty Liberals’ record

Will the poor record of the McGuinty Liberals stick to this government? Or will Ontarians instead reward this government with re-election, and in the process lower what is expected of political mandates even further? Brian Evans, professor at Liberal friendly Ryerson University (you know the institution helping Gerard Kennedy pay back his debts from his run at leadership by appointing a person without even a B.A. to the position of Distinguished Visiting Professor) defends the prospect of re-electing Dalton McGuinty as premier this way: “At the end of the day, people would say this has not been a horribly bad government.”

This is what it’s come down to? We re-elect not horribly bad governments???

“Don’t get mad, get orange!”

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  1. If they don’t re-elect McGuinty, they will elect Tory.

    Is that what you want? Or do you think that the NDP will prevail instead?

  2. When it comes to the next provincial government, I really do believe in the old saying “Liberal/Tory same old story” to the extent that both parties are beholden to big business and global capital not to the people who elect them. I don’t see either Liberals or Conservative politicians as my friends. It’s in my interest mainly that neither win a majority. If I had to choose based solely on the characteristics of the two leaders, I would choose John Tory hands down.

    So, a lot hinges on what you mean by “prevail”. I’m not naive enough to think that the conditions are in place for the NDP to form the next government. But I do believe that in the pursuit of the common good for all Ontarians, the stronger the NDP, the better. The best that could be hoped for, and yes I would agree its a long shot, would be for the NDP to form the official opposition and that would require a substantial weakening, if not decimation of the Liberal Party, which I truly feel is redundant in the political scene. And, therefore, I do see very compelling reasons to support the NDP, as well as for not rewarding this Liberal government with re-election.

  3. The Ghost of Dave Stupich

    And we should reward the NDP for…what exactly? Failing to come up with a single new policy idea since 1977? The fond memories of the Bob Rae regime? Recruiting such fresh and vibrant new faces like the corrupt union-boss windbag Sid Ryan?

    If this ad campaign is any indication, Howard Hampton’s NDP will exceed its own record set in 2003 for lameness of attacks.

    It is to laugh.

  4. You can’t use your own money to payback the leadership debts.

  5. Hey Derrida,
    We’ve just launched our Election Predictor website here: http://ontariopredictor.hillandknowlton.ca

    It would be interesting to hear what you think the future legislature will look like, as well as what you think of the tool itself and the Facebook application.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and thanks for your comments on the election campaign so far.


  6. Dan,
    That’s why I’m suggesting that Ryerson “University” is paying off Kennedy’s debts. You don’t see it as a real teaching appointment, do you? I mean, that’s why I have suggested that Ryerson should have just invited Kennedy to do a spiel on “How to sound like you care about the poor when you’re a rich kid who dropped out of a BA” or “I am Kingmaker, hear me roar” or “How to get people to vote for you because you share a share a name with a famous American president”. Pay him an obscene amount of money for a one time gig, but don’t let him teach, and don’t call him anything approximating a professor, certainly not distinguished visiting professor.

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