re: Cherniak’s frenzied zeal to pin label of "Truther" on anything that moves

Cherniak wakes up this morning and goes “wee look at me! Look ma, I made it I made it! I’m a totally disingenuous windbag who long ago traded in integrity, principles, and critical thinking for good ole Liberal opportunism and entitlement.”  That plus some of his other views might explain his zeal to pin a “truther” label on anyone who dares to question the Official 9/11 story. 

To parrot Cherniak: “I give no commentary.  I only ask that my readers (and hopefully some professional media) be the judges.”  See here and here.

P.S. It is very interesting to watch Stephane Dion hypocritically claim that he is above gutter politics and that he will conduct a different kind of campaign.  Dion neurotically whines that he’s been the target of a massive Conservative conspiracy. Dion vilifies Harper at every turn. He deliberately misrepresents his opponents’ positions. He gutlessly sits idly by as his thugs engage in his dirty work.  This may qualify him as a Liberal, but not to the claim that he is doing things differently.
I should note that when Cherniak, then blog campaign co-chair for Stephane Dion, shamelessly participated in what John McGrath (Queens Park reporter) described as the worst smear campaign he’d witnessed in Ontario politics, Dion, presumably aware, never condemned the tactics. 
Truth is, as Cherniak inadvertently admitted yesterday, the Liberals and Conservatives are part of the same family, neither are above running dirty, smear filled campaigns. They are, in fact, virtually indistinguishable.  

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