Cherniak "Gives it to Dion"?

Hey Cherniak wakes up and doesn’t go “wee look at me! Look ma, I made it I made it. The MSM noticed me!”  Instead today he rails against the press for not providing more coverage on D’Yawn’s performance last night and, moreover, accuses the press of swiftboating Dion. 

Btw, did anyone buy the whole I’m not whining because Dion was NOT pronounced the winner thing? I think the truth is without that headline the Liberals are officially out of the running to form the next government. Duceppe was right when he said besides himself there were three other candidates also not in the running to become the next PM (a fair shot at Layton, but also a direct shot at Dion, who still pretends the Liberals can win).

I was also struck by the line in Cherniak’s post “Even the Toronto Star doesn’t allow readers to read what Dion said in response to Stephen Harper when they first print the attack.” What could this mean other than an admission that the Star is indeed a Liberal rag and shill?
Anyways, prior to this post, Cherniak headlines a post “I GIVE IT TO DION”. Hey I’m not judgmental, but others can draw their own inferences. Still, to Cherniak’s claiming a victory for Dion in last night’s debate, I have to say “No fuc*ing kidding. What else would you ever have done?” A better headline might have been Layton gives it to Dion:

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  1. Spurs,

    I often see posts of yours that are interesting on the blog aggregators, but then everytime I go to load your blog, something on it grinds my entire (3GB ram) machine to a halt. I’m running WindowsXP on a dual-core chip with 3GB of RAM, so it’s not a power problem. I also run Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security + Spybot and Spyware Blaster, and I’m still using Internet Explorer 6.x for a browser (and I have a valid reason for doing so, so I can’t change that).

    I believe one of the add-ins you have is either taking a lot of computing cycles, is not designed to work with IE 6.x, or is raising alarm bells with one of the security utilities. Can you investigate what might be causing the problem, because otherwise I’m not going to be able to enjoy your writings as often.


  2. Thanks for your comment “a reader”. I wasn’t aware of the issue and have removed almost all videos in side bars. Hope the page loads faster now.

    Thanks for reading, mine and every other page you read.

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