Now we know why the Liberals aren’t running on electoral reform!

While desperately groveling for the “progressive” vote, Liberal hack Jason Cherniak unwittingly tells the truth about why the Liberals refuse to run on electoral reform, and, incidentally, why McGuinty did everything possible to make sure MMP didn’t come to pass in Ontario. Cherniak writes:

Progressive voters need to understand that the seat distribution in Canada favours the Liberals over any other party.

Oh really! Actually, what “progressive” voters need to understand is that the Liberals are NOT running on electoral reform, which, in my view, disqualifies them from any claims to the term “progressive.” Strategic voting is a symptom of the flaw in the system, not a cure!  In fact, if we’re going to play to a strength of the FPTP system (i.e. local representation) we should all simply vote for the candidate which best represents our interest and desires.

Actually, what “progressive” voters need to understand is that if the Liberals were at all interested in genuinely advocating “strategic voting”, they would be urging voters to vote for the “progressive” option (be it NDP, Green or Liberal)  that best stands a chance at beating a Conservative candidate.  Cherniak is advocating all progressives vote Liberal everywhere except, and this is a howler, where Liberals have been at 10% in the past. Then, and only then, vote freely for a “progressive” option. Give me a break, this is an insult to “strategic voting”, which is itself already an insult. 

Actually, what “progressive” voters need to understand is that the Liberals abdicated a fundamental responsibility in any democracy: that of the Official Opposition. Their arrogance and sense of entitlement to being the naturally governing party resulted in an Absent Opposition that is a breach of democracy itself. Gerard Kennedy has the audacity to publicly claim the Liberals sat idly by (while a mission in Afghanistan was being extended, while budgets slashing funding to literacy programs, women’s programs, to social programs were passed, while freedom to information and the court challenges program was attacked) for the benefit of Canadians.
Actually, what “progressive” voters need to understand is that it was the Liberals that put us in this position in the first place. A vote for the Liberals is a vote to reward the party that best stood a chance at stopping Harper for making sure Harper returns to government virtually unchallenged.  A vote for the Liberals is a vote for a selfish choice of leader (one which couldn’t have played better into Harper’s hands), a vote for a “professorial” uncommunicative leader who was unable to rein in the huge resentful egos that stood to his left and right nor do anything to heal the old rifts in the party.  A vote for the Liberals is a vote for a caucus in disarray.
Actually, what “progressive” voters need to understand is that Liberal governments and Conservative governments are much more similar than is commonly assumed!

Actually, what “progressive” voters REALLY need to understand is that the LIBERALS ARE NOT “PROGRESSIVE.”

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