Progressive Women Across Ontario Seem to be Getting Ready to Back Andrea Horwath and the ONDP

A website has been created by progressive women dedicated to defeating Tim Hudak in the coming election.

Can an endorsement of the Andrea Horwath and ONDP be far behind?

Surely, they’re not backing the insidiously sexist Liberals with an avowed Roman Catholic male leader, irrespective of what Heather Mallick might think.


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  1. This is entirely wishful thinking on your part. I am not part of Say No to Hudak, but I’d be surprised if they backed anyone.

  2. And nor does it have anything to do with me. I do not know who is behind it.

    The author of this Catholic-hating web site (see above), meanwhile, has been stalking me online for years. I pity Andrea that she has the support of loons like “Spurs.”

  3. @fern hill: Let me say I respect your blog and the work you do.

    If these were simply social activists, many of whom find party politics are too impure or too futile to bother with, then I’d be more inclined to agree with you. I’m working on two assumptions.

    First, why enter the fray of party politics and not support the party which best represents your stated interest? Much like “working families”, an anti-Conservative group that in the past has shilled for the Liberals, why would a group set itself against Hudak, and not support the party that most authentically and vigorously represents progressive values?

    Second, to the extent that progressive women against Hudak will/ should endorse any political party, the obvious choice is the ONDP; for not only is the ONDP authentically committed to progressive values of social justice, democratic reform, economic and environmental justice, but also the Liberals are not a “progressive” party.

    @Warren Kinsella: A little harsh and overstated, no? A Catholic hating Kinsella stalking loon?
    Calling you out on your publicly expressed asinine opinions and challenging your political maneuverings is criticism not stalking. I mean your musical opinions are quite respectable.

    As well, pointing out the historical, structural, and doctrinal violence perpetrated by the RC Church against women, is not hate but an irrepressible and unabated fact that any thinking progressive must consider and confront. I mean, if one is a nominal Roman Catholic, who likes the awesomeness of cathedrals and high services and attends mass on high holidays, that’s one thing. Knock yourselves out. But if one is to be an avowed Roman Catholic who takes oneself seriously and considers oneself a progressive, I do believe there are only two options, as I wrote in the post linked to above, -work to reform the Church or join a progressive expression of Christianity.

    Lastly, and more to the matter at hand, I don’t suggest the progressive women’s website has anything to do with you. But I simply question whether progressives would be substantially better served by the Liberals. Your own record of admitted sexist gaffes and the OLP’s political smears on women attests to that. Liberals and Conservatives are cut from the same ideological cloth -both are unabashedly pro capitalist, pro big business, anti-electoral reform, … The NDP is the only political party that is genuinely progressive and that offers a clear contrast and alternative to the Conservatives.

    • No, the “obvious choice” is not the ONDP. We are progressive women – regardless of our personal political loyalties – who agree on one thing: that a Tim Hudak government will be bad for Ontario, bad for women and bad for women’s reproductive rights. Full stop. There will be no endorsement.

      Your assumptions are not only arrogant, they are, without question, truly asinine.

      • OK, so I was only half right. You’re not officially endorsing the ONDP, but neither are you in any way backing the insidiously sexist Liberals. Fair enough.

        So Liberal hacks out there, hear that, stop using this as a political football to divert attention from your despicable record and as a sleazy attempt to entice progressives to vote for fuzzy warm McGuinty: fern hill, saynotohudak et al are only hatin’ on Hudak. Full Stop. No love for you.

        I share your hate for Conservatives, why can’t you share my hate Liberals? They’re essentially the same political animal: a hybrid conjured up to create the illusion of choice in our democracy while at the same time ensuring hegemonic control of the masses as we blindly oscillate from one to the other and all the while nothing changes.

        However, and most importantly, where is the love, the hope, and the positive vision? It’s wonderful to be critical and negative, but at some point don’t you want to help fashion a new, better, more just, and progressive world? If so, then I would submit your personal political loyalties are not irrelevant, but indeed taint and shape your progressivism. For politics is about transforming the world. Not by any means that the only way to be political is through party politics, but surely party politics should be part of the consideration whether that leads to anarchism, apathy, indifference, or party affiliation.

        Surely, assuming you were to succeed in stopping Hudak, it still makes a difference whether or not our next premier is Dalton McGuinty or Andrea Horwath. Especially if of primary concern is women’s’ rights and other progressive concerns. So your personal political loyalties may not be as unimportant as you think.

  4. People can be anti-Conservative and neither NDP-endorsing nor Liberal shills. (Shit, I’m sick of that one. Lliberal-haters should come up with a new one.)

    I think you’ll be hearing from someone in the group itself. You may need to adjust your (arrogant) suggestions.

  5. Hmmm… I’m not affiliated with Say No to Tim Hudak, but I can honestly say that as a progressive woman, I don’t see any official support for the NDP en masse. For one, there are a lot of things that I don’t like the NDP platform.

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