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Jason Cherniak is Deliberately Misleading Voters, Or Cherniak a Liberal to the End

When Cherniak writes that “Elizabeth May has told her supporters to vote Liberal in ridings where Liberals can win,” he is willfully lying. Cherniak needs either to quote a source that says otherwise, or retract his story. From the Green Party website Oct. 12, 2008, “Elizabeth May did not advise strategic voting”:

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has not called on voters to abandon Green Party candidates. A news story that states otherwise is misleading.

Ms. May did say that, “Being honest with the voters, I acknowledge that there is concern over vote-splitting in a small number of ridings. But I am not going to say ‘vote Liberal here, vote NDP there.’

“I do understand how difficult choices can be due to the perverse results of the first-past-the-post voting system. Canada needs an electoral system that accurately represents how Canadians vote.

“I repeated over and over that I would not advise voters to vote for anyone other than Greens. Attempts to misrepresent my position on this issue are tiring. I do not support strategic voting and I have not advised voters to choose any candidate other than Green.”


Cherniak "Gives it to Dion"?

Hey Cherniak wakes up and doesn’t go “wee look at me! Look ma, I made it I made it. The MSM noticed me!”  Instead today he rails against the press for not providing more coverage on D’Yawn’s performance last night and, moreover, accuses the press of swiftboating Dion. 

Btw, did anyone buy the whole I’m not whining because Dion was NOT pronounced the winner thing? I think the truth is without that headline the Liberals are officially out of the running to form the next government. Duceppe was right when he said besides himself there were three other candidates also not in the running to become the next PM (a fair shot at Layton, but also a direct shot at Dion, who still pretends the Liberals can win).

I was also struck by the line in Cherniak’s post “Even the Toronto Star doesn’t allow readers to read what Dion said in response to Stephen Harper when they first print the attack.” What could this mean other than an admission that the Star is indeed a Liberal rag and shill?
Anyways, prior to this post, Cherniak headlines a post “I GIVE IT TO DION”. Hey I’m not judgmental, but others can draw their own inferences. Still, to Cherniak’s claiming a victory for Dion in last night’s debate, I have to say “No fuc*ing kidding. What else would you ever have done?” A better headline might have been Layton gives it to Dion:

When petty opportunism, intellectual dishonesty, and cynical politics come home to roost

I was prepared to write something about another day, same old same old. You know, Cherniak wakes up this morning and goes “wee look at me! Look ma, I made it I made it! I’m on TV! I’m a totally disingenuous windbag who long ago traded in integrity, principles, and critical thinking for good ole Liberal opportunism and entitlement.”

Then something else caught my eye, and I thought, this could be the train wreck that people who read Cherniak have tuned in for. It could be nothing, or it could be the sound of Cherniak’s McCarthyist politics coming home to roost. 

There were signs that Cherniak was a runaway train already two years ago.  Here and Here

re: Cherniak’s frenzied zeal to pin label of "Truther" on anything that moves

Cherniak wakes up this morning and goes “wee look at me! Look ma, I made it I made it! I’m a totally disingenuous windbag who long ago traded in integrity, principles, and critical thinking for good ole Liberal opportunism and entitlement.”  That plus some of his other views might explain his zeal to pin a “truther” label on anyone who dares to question the Official 9/11 story. 

To parrot Cherniak: “I give no commentary.  I only ask that my readers (and hopefully some professional media) be the judges.”  See here and here.

P.S. It is very interesting to watch Stephane Dion hypocritically claim that he is above gutter politics and that he will conduct a different kind of campaign.  Dion neurotically whines that he’s been the target of a massive Conservative conspiracy. Dion vilifies Harper at every turn. He deliberately misrepresents his opponents’ positions. He gutlessly sits idly by as his thugs engage in his dirty work.  This may qualify him as a Liberal, but not to the claim that he is doing things differently.
I should note that when Cherniak, then blog campaign co-chair for Stephane Dion, shamelessly participated in what John McGrath (Queens Park reporter) described as the worst smear campaign he’d witnessed in Ontario politics, Dion, presumably aware, never condemned the tactics. 
Truth is, as Cherniak inadvertently admitted yesterday, the Liberals and Conservatives are part of the same family, neither are above running dirty, smear filled campaigns. They are, in fact, virtually indistinguishable.  

Holy Sh*t: I agree with Cherniak

Today, Cherniak finally admits a point I’ve been trying to make far less eloquently and forcefully. Cherniak concedes Stephen Harper is an uncle and that he doesn’t scare! Yes, indeed, the Conservative and Liberals are birds of a feather: corporate socialists and private capitalists. I wonder how much they’ll end up rewarding their corporate friends for overextending their greed. 

ps. I realize Cherniak wrote “Uncle Steve [Harper] doesn’t care”. But it could have been a Freudian slip. Besides Cherniak did say “UNCLE”. How fitting, Liberals conceding already. But the CBC and The Star are only now ramping up their shilling of the Liberals to try to make sure their patrons don’t get wiped off the face of the political spectrum in Canada. One little problem, the CBC is paid for by all Canadians, but let’s not let a basic affront to democracy get in the way. 

Cherniak fall down and go BOOM!

Not content to help elect rival candidates one at at a time through his sleazy attacks, his inane arguments, and his complete lack of scrupples, Cherniak seems to have stepped up his game and joined the chorus to eliminate the LPC altogether.

Note to Cherniak: You did such a wonderful job electing NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo in my riding of Parkdale High Park, I was wondering if would mind attacking Peggy Nash and consolidate her position as the favored candidate in the riding?

When last we saw Cherniak, he was like a dog with a bone, trying desperately to unravel some “Truther” lead that would result in damage to the NDP. Problem is Cherniak’s puerile and desperate pranks have exploded in his face, possibly leading to the resignation/ firing  of one of his own candidates. As Dr. Dawg notes, I suspect Cherniak will now come out and denounce the Liberal candidate, Leslie Hughes, especially given that her words had such an anti-Semitic hue.
Cherniak was hoping to break a story that would gain traction. Well he has, here, here. Even the MSM has picked up the Cherniak’s “story”, except the report is that Liberals are running a “truther”, here.
Cherniak has been in the wrong party all along. Rest assured, he’ll be able to ply his “talents” for the CPC soon enough. This video thanks to Sean in Saskatchewan  sums up pretty well what was reprehensible about his attacks.  Cherniak is part of the evolution of negative campaigning. First it was reluctant, strategic use of negative attacks, then it was the unabashed not always strategic use of negative attacks. Now it’s throw as much shit as you can and pray it sticks.

Is Cherniak a global warming denier who concedes he’s the dumbest blogger in Canada and believes the Liberal Party is in ruins?

Yesterday, Cherniak posted a comment by a nutter named Jay Currie. Currie is a global warming denier who fears we’re possibly on the cusp of a new Ice Age.

I suspect that, as the planet cools and the science underpinning “global warming/climate change” unravels there will be a rush to the exits on the part of politicians who are discovering that climate hysteria was a mile wide and half an inch deep.
Now, not even M. Dion’s supporters really have a clue what he is prattling on about with his Green Shift and, if he has any wit, he will quietly shelve the program and run on some issue people actually care about.

Currie espouses the view that Canada only needs two political parties (a right & left)  and believes the Liberal Party has reached the end of its shelf life, proving thereby that he’s not completely nuts.

Cynics have suggested that this election is about financially bankrupting the Liberal Party. I would not be at all surprised if they are right. It is time for the Liberal Party to end. It is time for Canada to have a left party and a right one. The Liberal Party is simply in the way.
The Liberals climbed on board the dying Green/Kyoto trope and, finally, have found the issue which could finish them. They will make assorted noises about national unity and assorted women’s issues and just how very scary Harper and the CPC are; but I suspect those noises will be their death rattle.

Oh one final thing. Currie seems to think that Cherniak is Canada’s dumbest blogger:

Canada’s dumbest Liberal, Jason Cherniak, desperate to wedge his nose just a little further up M. Dion’s derriere has just accused the Lying Jackal [nutter talk meaning Warren Kinsella] of criticizing M. Dion’s brilliant (won’t raise the price of gas a penny, no, really) carbon tax because the Lying Jackal lies on behalf of energy companies who are Daisy’s clients.

I think Cherniak should explain himself. Discerning bloggers want to know. Does Cherniak believe the Liberal apocalypse is around the corner? Does he still think the Green Shift is good policy? Or is all the hot air he’s been spewing  his attempt to fend off the Ice Age that’s about to befall humanity? Does he really think he’s the dumbest blogger in Canada? We know Kinsella schooled Cherniak, but how’s his nose?
What’s that you say? Guilt by association and disingenuousness only counts when done by a petty, little Liberal hack. So sorry. My bad.

Holy Sh*t: Cherniak’s Blown a Gasket

Last time I saw this kind of desperation out of dweeb hack extraordinaire, Jason Cherniak, he was inadvertently helping elect MPP Cheri DiNovo in Parkdale High Park.  So it bodes well for the NDP. 

This is sheer calumny. The disingenuousness and plain ignorance needed to concoct this kind of frenzied attack on Jack Layton is astounding. It’s not as if Cherniak’s above this kind of ridiculous scurrilousness. Read more here, here, here, here. Yesterday, when Cherniak  took Jack Layton’s bait and helped diffuse his own party’s announcement, he simply came across as the buffoon that he normally is. But this is the amped up Cherniak that only comes out when he’s truly desperate and afraid he’s going to lose. This is the point at which if he were a child, he would either wreck the game or take the ball and run home crying (mind you I’ve seen Cherniak and something tells me he wasn’t much of an athlete growing up). Actually I suspect it was a childhood fraught with overindulgence at home, compensating for a total lack of respect and popularity, that has forged the character of the resilient, intransigent, overconfident and often oblivious little man known as Jason Cherniak.

I find it incredulous that Cherniak, who spends so much time attacking Harper, has no problem engaging in Republican antics. His attack is pure innuendo and  mudslingling. It is a hail Mary pass cast out of sheer hopelessness.  It is akin to “Obama, that’s a funny sounding name, must make you a non-Christian, terrorist sympathizing America hating Islamicist”.  Note that for Cherniak any questioning of the 9/11 events, is conspiratorial and can take only two forms: the towers were deliberately imploded or the attack was a part of a larger Jewish conspiracy. Whatever 9/11 is, it’s clear that it’s neither of these two conspiracies, but neither is it reducible to the “official story”.  9/11 was an attack, a trauma, a pretext for an imperial war on Iraq, an opportunity for legislate an on attack personal freedoms, the moment the neocons had desperately awaited etc., etc. Apparently, Jack Layton also knows Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis, those radical anarchists threatening the very security and foundation of the West. Oops maybe I’ve already said too much. However, a discussion on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), now that might be interesting!
Anyways to continue would only serve to dignify Cherniak’s moronic attempt to raise the specter of anti-Semitism, or the Red Scare, or any other bogeyman that might stick. Perhaps a more topical post could be a real discussion on Afghanistan? I guess when facts and reason don’t work in Cherniak’s favour (certainly couldn’t make the costing of the Liberal platform work), he resorts to this. Keep digging Cherniak, you can always hit a new bottom.
For criticism of Cherniak’s desperate smear see here, here, and here.

I was hoping Cherniak wouldn’t blurt out anything too stupid during the election campaign, but

I should have known better.  I’ve always conceded that Cherniak’s a good Liberal (petty, opportunistic, moderately intelligent but not enough to be self-critical, has an abiding sense of entitlement, overindulged, and win at all costs approach that will forego any dignity or integrity if need be).

First, anyone with any intelligence reads Cherniak not for substance but more in the way many watch a Nascar race; that is, secretly waiting for the inevitable car crash. And Cherniak always delivers. Whether its ridiculous gaffes, inane arguments, or malicious assaults on a person’s character, Cherniak delivers.  Still, it’s especially fun watching him spin out during election campaigns. Sad part is, Cherniak probably believes he is “as influential as the mainstream media”, when in fact, what he does share with mainstream media is that he too is purely a shill. In this case, a shill for the Liberal Party, just as are the Toronto Star and, regrettably, the CBC. Sadly, there is no critical, progressive, left mainstream media in this country and I believe Canadians suffer for it.
Anyways, as the only Ontarian that has somehow connected with Stephane Dion (oops I forgot Gerard Kennedy, but we all know Kennedy’s support for Dion was purely based on opportunism and best positioning himself for a future run at the leadership following Dion’s foreseeable failure), Cherniak must be especially vested in this campaign. Otherwise, why would he do something that’s new, even for the shameless Liberal that he is, and simply start making stuff up? I mean we’re used to disingenuous misreading, spin, but not complete invention. From this post we read:

This morning, Jack Layton changed his entire campaign and admitted that Stéphane Dion would be the next prime minister in a coalition government. His only argument is now that it should be a coalition with the NDP.

Cherniak was asked in his comments section to provide proof for this unbelievable assertion. And, of course none was forthcoming because he wished it into existence. In fact, if anyone has conceded this race it has been the Liberal Party of  Canada. Note how the fear mongering has changed from we must stop the Harper Conservatives to we must stop a Harper Conservative majority. Any why are Canadians now facing an inexorable return to government by Harper’s Conservatives?  Because the Liberals have been too busy pursuing selfish opportunistic politics, backstabbing one another, bungling decision after decision, unable to unite and take on the Conservatives. 

The Liberals were dismal as the Official opposition. In fact, they were absent as an opposition. They allowed Harper to dictate the agenda in parliament and the timing of the election. And most critically they (i.e. Gerard Kennedy) chose the absolute worst leader to position themselves to challenge the Conservatives the next time around. A meek, mild, seemingly neurotic and anxious leader, unable to rein in his caucus, who seems detached and academic, who is resoundingly despised in Quebec, who can’t connect and communicate with Ontarians. Might as well have handed the victory to Harper the moment the writ was dropped. Thanks for nothing LPC. And you have the gall to ask me to reward you with my vote. The best that can come out of this now is that the NDP gain as many seats as possible so that we don’t end up with a strong and active Official opposition. And, perhaps Canadians will begin to see the desperate need for electoral reform. The NDP and the Greens already have!
One last thing. On the subject of the costing the Liberal Platform, I thought readers might want to read the reaction of The Progressive Economics Forum (The PEF brings together over 125 progressive economists, working in universities, the labour movement, and activist research organizations).  According to Andrew Jackson of the PEF:

I stand by my earlier argument that they [the Liberals] can’t balance the Budget, deeply cut corporate taxes, oppose new taxes (outside the internally consistent green shift package) AND make major new spending promises outside the green shift – all in the context of a slumping economy.

The costing here is dubious at best.

We get four year spending and tax reduction totals with little or no detail on timing. No adjustment is really made for slowing growth and rising unemployment.

Clearly a lot of the good new stuff outside the green shift is shunted off to the future. As a key case in point, last week the Liberals promised to bring in a $1.25 Billion per year national child care program. Today, that program is costed at $1.5 Billion over 4 years. That’s a slow phase in, to say the least. Another case in point is municipal infrastructure spending, which barely increases over the status quo for the next four years.

We get a modest dose of Reaganomics and supply-side tax cut magic. Cutting the tax rate on income trusts will supposedly raise $1 Billion in new revenues.

The Liberals actually raise the ante on balanced budgets, promising Martin era determination to run surpluses to pay down debt. They promise to restore the $3 Billion Contingency Reserve – to my mind implying spending cuts “come hell or high water” even if we go into recession.

That’s bad enough, What is worse is that their fiscal plan depends on unspecificed cuts of $12 Billion over 4 years – a not inconsiderable sum after continuing rounds of “program review.”

Peggy Nash also responded:

“Mr. Dion wants to keep in place every penny of Stephen Harper’s corporate tax giveaway and even cut deeper. It’s not credible to cut corporate taxes deeper than Stephen Harper and still keep commitments to new spending.

Despite releasing his platform, Mr. Dion still doesn’t have targets to reduce greenhouse gases, still has no plan to train more doctors and still doesn’t have a plan to stop the gouging of average consumers.

If this platform was supposed to be the channel changer for Stéphane Dion, it looks like the batteries just fell out of his remote.”

Winner of Blogosphere’s Best April Fool’s Joke…. Cherniak

Although he got his dates a little mixed up (I suspect he just doesn’t know how to set the clock on his new computer and woke up Thursday morning thinking it was April 1st), this post coming from Cherniak could only have been meant as an April Fool’s joke.  I have to confess I almost fell for this line:

As a person in politics, I believe in holding my opponents accountable just as much as the next person. However, I do not believe in destroying a person’s reputation unless that person deserves it.

 Anyone who’s read Cherniak’s drivel for any length of time, knows that Cherniak aspires to nothing less than being a political hit man.  In fact, in his zeal to destroy people’s reputations he has been forced to retract and apologize numerous times on his blog. He will smear anybody and anything if he thinks it will further the Liberal cause. He lives for the least bit of approval from such hired guns as Kinsella. Just from recent memory you might recall Frank Klees is a member of the Orange Order, Tory Staffer Valentin Erikson,  accusing Conservatives of stealing a stock photo from a porn website.

And then of course there was the little incident of stirring up a shit storm against my MPP, a smear incidentally for which Cherniak has never apologized nor has retracted. Worse, after being inundated with criticism from all sides, Cherniak, in a legendary bout of self delusion, actually believed he was the one being smeared. In that utterly absurd smear, not only were comments deliberately misread and misrepresented to portray the Reverend Doctor as an advocate of ordination for “pedophiles & axe murders”, and defender of serial killers, but also Cherniak, Kinsella, Bowie, and the Ontario Liberals reached back over 40 years in time to when this woman was a teen on the streets of Yorkville to smear her reputation, a part of her history which she never denied.
So Cherniak you insolent little man, where do you get the temerity to suggest that we turn away from vile, hateful remarks made by a 40 year old man 17 years ago, yet haven’t the least bit of compunction about engaging in a smear going back 40 years to attack a 17 year old teenager?  Which scenario do you think holds out greater hope for change? Perhaps go back to your scurrilous posts and read in the comments something about forgiveness, a theological concept which you deploy with an incompetency matched only by your cynical zealotry.
You see, the truth is that what Cherniak really meant to say was “I do not believe in destroying another person’s reputation unless it somehow benefits the Liberals or somehow advances my esteem within that party.”  What do all of you believe Cherniak would have done with the tape had he found it?
Speaking of which, and very briefly.  Knowing full well that had the Liberals or Conservatives had in their grimy little hands such damaging evidence they would have deployed it in a heartbeat,  there’s admittedly a dark part of me that takes pleasure in what has unfolded. However, ethically I don’t advocate this as a political tactic nor do I think Tom Lukiwski should be forced to resign. After all, he was speaking the truth of his party and has remained faithful to that truth
Still, those were hateful, vile remarks and he and his party should be held accountable and at the very least be forced to own those odious comments. For as long as we have people who, as one Conservative caller did yesterday on a radio talk show, question what on earth Lukiwski has to apologize about, then clearly this is not about the past but about the present. And while I don’t believe Lukiwki’s apology to be as contrite, genuine, or abject, as many have portrayed it (it was a typical self-serving political apology), I do think it is important for Canadians, and in particular, Conservatives, to hear from Tom Kukiwski himself. He said commendably:

“The comments I made . . . should not be tolerated in any society,” …They should not be tolerated today, they should not have been tolerated in 1991, they should not have been tolerated in years previous to that.”