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Any intelligent Liberals out there?

Perhaps I should be posting on craigslist or tweeting this, but would someone kindly point me in the direction of an intelligent Liberal blog? It’s as if pursuing the centre of the political spectrum necessarily requires limited or middling intelligence. The problem with middling intelligence (shared by the likes of Kinsella and his Sancho Panzas (Cherniak, Bowie, et al) is that it’s just enough intelligence to embolden them, but sadly not quite enough to allow them to know better.

I mean, the right wing of the blogosphere may have plenty of drivel, but one can also find there the very intelligent and clever offerings of Edward Michael George or Ghost of a Flea, for instance. I may often disagree vehemently with them, but I can’t but respect their writing. Sadly, I have yet to encounter a Liberal blogger whose intelligence I feel compelled to respect.
Anyway, I may soon have to start a Kinsella counterspin/ translation blog. For the last number of months, the spin has been so wanton and irresponsible that it begs to be countered. For example, when the Ontario Liberals retained one of their safest seats anywhere in yesterday’s by-election (since being established in 1999, the Liberals have always taken the seat with over 50% of the vote), Kinsella interprets that as being up “against formidable odds”.
For now, I’m just glad Kinsella has stopped referring to Ignatieff as “Michael” and followed that up by removing that creepy photo of Ignatieff (you remember, that one in which Ignatieff looks about 35 years old, has windswept hair, is wearing what I believe is a football jersey (gag!) and looks like a college student in search of a keg party). I’m guessing the purpose was to make Ignatieff more down to earth and accessible (remember Dion’s problem shedding the image of the “professorial” aloof politician?). Whatever it was, the choice to use that photo appeared a little freaky. Check out Kinsella’s posts around January or February of this year and you’ll see what I mean. He continually gushes over “Michael” like a teenage girl. But hey, if that’s the face that launches you into dreamland, so be it. I’m not here to judge.
Update: I’ve added hyperlink above to said photo for the benefit of those who asked.