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Holy Sh*t: McGuinty’s Sh*t does Stink After All!

I realize that since assuming power to clean up the mess left behind by Harris/Eves governments, the numerous Liberal scandals (Lottogate, Collegate, etc) have managed only to tarnish very barely the McGuinty Liberals.

Nannygate may finally reveal to Ontarians that not only does this Liberal government stink, it may actually be worse than the Harris/Eves governments. The Liberal record may actually start sticking to the Liberals.
I think Peter Fonseca will lose his cabinet post over this. Then again, I also predicted Colle would lose his post over Collegate, which he did. But here’s the rub: he was re-elected. 
Still, this one smells different to me!

All in all, Ruby Wednesday proves to be a good day for the NDP. Two cabinet ministers (one actual, the other shadow) in one shot. When will Ontarians wake up to the fact that alternating between Conservative & Liberal governments is simply a futile exercise in the illusion of choice nurtured by neoliberal ideology.